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About us

HTC is a company subjceted to Anglo-Saxon law born in 2018.
The main goal of the company is to generate profit through the management of own capital, and not by collecting its from private customers

What We Offer

The company offers its trading model to interested subjects. It does not collect money from customers but allows copying to third parties the operations that the HTC trading room carries out throughout the day, copying the operations among the various markets, the leverage and all the various intrinsic strategies to each trade, such as buy or sell orders, stop losses, and take profits. The main feature is that the partner is allowed to copy our strategy and to follow our trade management from start to finish. Another fundamental point is that if we lose, our partner lose, but vice versa, if we gain, our partner will gain. We share our strategies and the risk that follows by betting on our system trading but with our own money. To this end, HTC has specific agreements with bank brokers in order to automatically allow us to copy our positions. Therefore the person who wants to work with us will not pay money to our structure but will open specific trading accounts with the brokers and all that is the management of the practice of opening the account itself will be his responsibility. HTC does not collect money, does not open trading accounts and does not hold money, goods or services on behalf of third parties; HTC shares the operations it carries out on the financial market with its customers.

How We Operate

The strategy of the company is simple and direct and has the specific purpose of generating profits through the management of own capital within the financial markets. The company has trading accounts open at multiple bank brokers that guarantee reliability in both prices and executions and which have the characteristic of placing our money on "segregated" accounts, guaranteeing separation between their assets and ours. This element is fundamental for us in order to guarantee transparency and security. The company is equipped with a system trading that uses an algorithm created and developed on speculative transactions within the financial markets, such as STOCK, CFD, FOREX and COMMODITIES. The algorithm is owned by the company. The operations do not derive from automatic robots and the resulting signals are intraday. Therefore, the objective of operations is to open and close positions within the daily time frame. Although the operations are supported by software, useful and necessary to assist the operator in certain critical market phases, professionals who alternate within the day and who follow the negotiations (24 hours a day) operating with a homogeneous system. Therefore the signals are not high frequency; they do not have the simple objective of generating lively (useful to the broker but not to their trading account), but derive from the deep knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis of the markets. Our only goal is to make revenues from trades. Being an intraday operation, this is focused on the protection of one's capital. Therefore, the objective and study of the market basically starts from the study of risk management. It is no coincidence that operations involve the use of leverage (which varies from time to time and based on the financial products that are exchanged, as well as the intrinsic conditions of the market), which therefore becomes the starting point for risk management at the inside each individual trade.


Specialized in structured finance operations, the management is made up of industry professionals who have been operating on the financial markets for over twenty years. The operational staff is equipped with lawyers, financial analysts and computer engineers. All these skills have been useful and necessary in order to provide the company structure with its own know-how that can determine all-round customer loyalty. A fundamental characteristic is the absolute independence in its analyzes and in its operational decisions, which derive exclusively from the studies carried out by the managers of the company. Its analysts operate through a trading system tested and tested over time on the real market, with real operations (not in "demo") and with reliable and certified partners.

Francesco Vittorio Cavallucci

Founder & Trader

Born in 1971, he specializes in corporate management in both the financial and administrative fields. With twenty years of experience he has worked nationally and internationally, holding managerial roles within company departments and managing corporate restructuring, relocations and expansions. Over time it has developed trading systems for private and institutional clients dealing with finance and financial management.

Mirco Cipolletta

Founder & Advisor

Financial Advisor and Agent in Financial Activities, since 2000 he has been registered in the Register of Credit Brokers. Since 2007 he has been carrying out specialist consultancy activities for companies, with particular reference to management consultancy, strategic and financial management (corporate finance and structured finance, extraordinary operations, restructuring and investment projects) and consultancy on access to credit.

Paolo Miscia

Founder & Lawyer

Born in 1967, he specializes in international contracts, both in the financial, banking and administrative fields. With twenty years of experience he has worked nationally and internationally for the creation of trading companies, holding companies and trusts under English law. Over the years it has collaborated internationally on the creation and creation of trading platforms with related management contracts and participation in Tier 1, 2, 3 platforms.

Elia Favarelli

Engineer & Progremmer

Born in 1993, graduated with honors in electronic engineering and telecommunications for energy in 2018, researcher at the University of Bologna in the field of artificial intelligence applied to the monitoring of structures. He deals with the creation of website frontends and graphics and with the programming of artificial intelligence algorithms for various applications.

Enrico Testi

Engineer & Programmer

Born in 1993, graduated with honors in electronic engineering and telecommunications for energy in 2018, researcher at the University of Bologna in the field of artificial intelligence applied to the study of networks and graphs. He deals with the creation of backends and database management of websites and the programming of artificial intelligence algorithms for various applications.


Our trading method is not based on large amounts of signals during the market session. In any case, the number of trades that will be opened and closed will depend on market volatility. Therefore, a priori, it will not be possible for us to predetermine how many trades we will open and close; what we are sure of and what we can guarantee is that each trade will be managed on the basis of "the explosion of volatility" and a stop loss and take profit will always be applied, and will have the primary objective of protecting its capital as much as possible. Our philosophy is to better manage losses; only by managing losses well can you have big gains. The method involves the use of leverage; what we will use will be replicated by the person who copies the operation of our trading account. Our analysts do not follow an indistinct myriad of markets. Operations focus on a few markets which have the fundamental characteristic of being liquid and running regularly. It is also possible that there is a day when orders will not be taken. For us it is not a problem; it means that these days there were no necessary volatility conditions. Therefore the operations and the service that is provided by HTC is not theoretical; a "pre-packaged" system trading is not sold and we do not sell signals generated with automated software which often work in theory but cannot be replicated in real practice and this in light of the fact that they do not use stop loss and do not highlight down drow. We share our operations with others by sharing gains and losses.


HTC carries out its capital management activities having supported its resources on bank brokers. Therefore the company does not advise on open positions and not deriving from our strategies and especially if the third party losses derive from the non stop loss positioning. In this specific case, the company gives the possibility to open a trading account with our partner bank brokers (which will be chosen based on the size of the current account) and will give the possibility to copy our operations and this in order to potentially recover their money with new positions.


The results of our management and of the subjects that automatically copy our operations will be visible every day by logging directly into your trading account. However the results are and will be absolutely real and do not derive from theoretical tests deriving from past data. Above all, the results will all be within your trading account, of which the person who copies our strategy is the sole owner and has all the access passwords, as well as being the one and only owner.

System Trading 1


Trading 1

Trading period: 14/4/2020 - 15/11/2021
Operations: 131
PROFIT: 97 - LOSS: 34
Profit operation percentage: 74.05%
Profit percentage: +86.36%
Max drawndown: -22.17%


Some statistichs about the trading period will be soon available


The company has internally professionals in various fields and product sectors. Investment activities can be manifold and concern the proposition of investments in companies or real estate operations. If there is interest from our customers just send an e-mail in which the willingness to receive information in this sense is highlighted. The employees of HTC will send information material from which all the characteristics of the investment can be inferred and whether it is real estate or business. In this case, a club deal of investors will be established that will share the investment and the relative percentage share gain.

Trial Period

The trial period consists in sending reports at the end of the day of oeprazioni that the trading room of HTC did during the day. This information derives from the real transactions that have actually been carried out during market hours and are certified by the bank broker's statments on which we have supported our resources. The test has a period of two weeks (ten working days). Although the period turns out to be short in order to have a precise indication of the validity of our management models, we have considered it to be an acceptable timing. This trial period has the main objective of demonstrating the solidity and tightness of our management model. In fact, it has only an indicative value since it is possible that during the trial period the system generates many profits that then over time will slow down or, vice versa, during the same period there are negative performances which, then, over the next time are recovered by a large margin. Therefore, as mentioned above, the trial period has a simple indicative value but it is fundamental to understand risk management and the ability to take profits or to get out of a wrong trade promptly. The report will be sent by e-mail and with attached the statments sent to us by the bank broker with whom we work. In this regard, we are saying that it is absolutely normal that there are periods in which our system has difficulty generating large profits; often it depends on the market and / or on particular moments intrinsic to its movements. Therefore our management does not promise amazing earnings but guarantees a solid and tested system on real operations, with real money and, above all, resulting from many years of holding on the market having passed many turbulent phases. This last step must be well understood; we recommend, in this regard, to be wary of those who promise an operation that is always in profit and that never reports losses. Within the world of financial trading, this is pure fantasy.


We are interested in evaluating corporate business projects that need investments in order to develop an entrepreneurial project. In this case, the company will send its trusted professionals and in order to determine the potential of the proposed business, the needs and the timing of implementation and return on the investment through adequate due diligence on site at the corporate structure. In this case, the terms and conditions of entry, exit and intrinsic activity for the realization of the project will be discussed, according to the needs, through an "ad hoc" evaluation between the promoter and the top management of HTC.

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